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Personal Coaching 499

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I’m Partiban, Your Forex Coach Consultant

Founder of Price Action Guru, has 10 years of experience trading on forex market and has coached over 2000 participants in the past 5 years. As a successful trader who has consistently sustained himself with profits in the market, he also manages private client’s funds in Noaprime.

Being a full-time trader, he has explored and mastered many trading techniques with the guidance of some of the world’s leading forex experts and finally settled with price action, which he believes, provides better financial stability, greater freedom and balanced lifestyle. His passions for coaching unfolded itself when he recouped himself from his ‘painful’ trading experience- his best teachers. He has been able to utilize his recuperation experience to help people to recover their floating losses since he is well-versed in hedging strategies. Through experience, he has developed and refined his own trading strategy and methodology, which he is more than willing to share among real traders who are ready to work for them.

Apart of servicing few of corporate clients as a fund manager, Partiban now pursuing Phd Philosophy in Trading Physocology. Partiban has just expanded his course by attending crypto-trading events.

Through experience, he has developed and refined his own trading strategy and methodology, which he is more than willing to share among real traders who are ready to work for them.


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Personal Coaching 499

This is a very important Session to identify the Traders Core Belief system which might be Limiting and paralyzing the Trader from advancing to be Profitable

Trader will get clarity over this 2 Questions
Q1: Why Support & Resistance don’t work every time ?
Q2: Why Stop Loss Hunting taking place at Support & Resistance?

Practical Session
Session 6, 7 & 8

5 Workbook which covers how to identify opportunities in Trending market & range market

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Want To Be A Full Time Trader?
Personal Coaching 499

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